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Menchaca Roofing, LLC is a family owned and operated business. Founder and President Paulina Menchaca started  Menchaca Roofing in 2019.  While the company is new to Florida we are not without experience.  Paulina has excelled in administrative and leadership positions within the healthcare and insurance industry.  In 2016, the family originally from the Pacific Northwest decided to expand those administrative skills to the Construction and Roofing Industry.  

The Menchaca Family is a hard working family who knows about the work it takes to become a homeowner.  One of our biggest expense as a homeowner is roof replacement.  Paulina says. " I founded Menchaca Roofing because I want to make sure families like mine can maintain beautiful homes and can take pride in homeownership." "Let us show you the pride and dedication that we deliver with every project.”

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